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Secretary Says

The following applications will be balloted upon at the September 13th Lodge Meeting:
Elizabeth Campbell, 907 Rex, Social Worker: Loving Schools, proposed by Joey Ongaga.
Daniel Edward Carney, 901 Fountain Drive, Senior Completion Foreman: XTO Energy, proposed by James Melvin.
Danny Fletcher, 1715 Watson, General Manager: Current Argus, proposed by Cynthia Arredondo.
Melissa Johnson, 2706 Legion St., Measurement Tech: XTO Energy, proposed by Travis White.
Kaelan Lambson, 1304 S. Country Club Circle, SCADA Tech: Enterprise Products, proposed by Brett Schei.
Ruben Najara, 515 Coleman, proposed by Gerald Briones.
Monique Rascon, 805 Merion Drive, Server: Pecos River Café, proposed by Jeff Gordon.
Michael Gene Stapleton, 1646 Redwood Loop, Quality Assurance Specialist: DOE, proposed by Matt Hutchinson.
Tari Blake Thornton, 201 Plum, Retired, proposed by Terry Cappell.

The following applications will be balloted upon at the September 27th Lodge Meeting:
Elizabeth Cass, 3513 Cass Drive, Accounting: Constructors Inc., proposed by John Herrell.
Gary Collis II, 1404 W. Edwards, Plant Operator: Damos, proposed by Gary Collis, Sr.
Lacy Collis, 2402 Bonita, Training Coordinator: North Wind/Portage Inc., proposed by Gary Collis, Sr.
Lee Ann Collis, 3821 National Parks Hwy., Buyer; Intrepid Potash, proposed by Gary Collis, Sr.
Isaac Faunce, 1121 N. Mesa St. Welder: Encore Welding, proposed by Nate Raulston.
Robert Lee Franco II, 2319 E. Derrick Rd., Owner: Franco’s Trucking, proposed by Gary Collis, Sr.
Michael Jones, 1202 W. Thomas St., Miner: Mosaic Potash, proposed by Greg Knox.
Sonia Lynn Mathews, 2405 Socorro Rd.; proposed by Todd Jones.
Robert Carl Mook, 922 Solana, Miner: Mosaic Potash, proposed by Wes Kinkaid.
Sherry Neatherlin, 1501 Standpipe  Drive, Office Manager: TDM Leasing, proposed by John Herrell.
John Brant Simar, Jr. 308 E. Orchard Lane, Surveyor: Fenstermaker, proposed by Brett Schei.
Mickey Teakell, 1501 Concord Ave., Crew Superintendent: Jade Construction, proposed by Hunter Stevens.
Eddie Gates, 518 N. Ash St., Sales: Gates Truck Enterprises, by Application for Reinstatement.
Ronnie Hunt, 1905 Lacy, Pipeline Operator: CIMAREX, by Application for Reinstatement.
Jack Simpson, 406 Cimarron, Retired: Law Enforcement, by Application for Reinstatement.